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NautBoard Pink
NautBoard Pink


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NautBoard Pink The NautBoard is a unique slow speed tow-able water toy. Whether behind a boat, dinghy or wet bike the NautBoard allows you to swim like a dolphin. Average speeds of 2-5 knots allows for enjoying the underwater world by diving and rising with the twist of your wrist. At higher speeds you can perform all sorts of underwater acrobatics.This ideal for underwater photography, lobster catching or making it down to that sand dollar you just couldnt swim to before.

NautBoard Pink manufactured from the USA, and offered available by American furniture retailers. Pool Toys And Floats offer a good quality pieces, handmade in the UK to exacting standards or cheaply come up with in the Far East and of relatively low quality. Not totally all Far Eastern furniture is of low quality, and a lot of the stuff appearing out of China is great, but its not given in America.

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